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Stay at Home if You are Sick

  • This document will be made widely available to all Bruce Ski Club members.
  • A safety officer will support each session to remind participants and caregivers of the protocols
  • Attendance of coaches, volunteers, and athletes will be taken at every session to allow for contact tracing.
  • All participants under 18 must pass the following self-assessment prior to attending each Jackrabbits lesson: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/context
  • All coaches, volunteers, and participants over the age of 18 must pass the following self-assessment prior to attending each Jackrabbits lesson: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/
  • Coaches will be documenting that the self-assessment taken. Stay home if you do not pass the self-assessment.
  • Skiers will maintain 2 metres physical distancing, unless engaged in sport.
  • Face coverings required except when exercising or playing sports.
  • There will be two Jackrabbit sessions 9:45 to 11:00 and 11:30 to 12:45.
  • Each session will be limited to 100 skiers and coaches.
  • Within each session, classes will be limited to 25 skiers, coaches, and caregivers.
  • BSC members please avoid starting or finishing your ski at the beginning and end times of Jackrabbits.
  • BSC shelter closed for the season. Coaches will have access to the shelter for emergencies.
  • Groups will have assigned meeting locations for the start and finish of their sessions (see map below).
  • Only one caregiver allowed assisting an athlete getting their skis on at group meeting locations.
  • A second entrance trail groomed to allow groups to spread out.
  • Groups that need volunteer support temporarily divided to keep numbers low.
  • Only one caregiver or volunteer per athlete can offer support on the trail.
  • Athletes in Bunnies supported by a caregiver for the duration of the season or until the coach confirms that it is no longer required.
  • Mask and face shield must be worn when helping an athlete that is not in your social bubble.
  • Participants are not be allowed to share items (poles, balls, snacks, etc.).
  • If a skier becomes sick during Jackrabbits, they immediately leave from their group. The Safety Officer will contact caregivers and ask them to pick up their child promptly.
  • Caregivers asked not to congregate at the Sawmill Ski Trails.
  • Coaches informed about No Touch Games.
  • Limit volume of music to be low enough that a normal conversation is possible; measures to prevent shouting by both instructors and members of the public.

The Jackrabbit cross-country skiing program is a great way for children to learn ski technique, build lifelong friendships and have fun.

The Jackrabbit season starts on the first Saturday in January every year.

Children, parents and coaches ski each Saturday at the Sawmill Nordic Centre in Hepworth, Ontario.

We accept children ranging in age from four to thirteen years.

The number of children we can accept into the program depends upon the number of volunteer Jackrabbit leaders we can recruit.

All registrations are to be done on the Zone4 website. In addition to registering in Jackrabbits, you must have complete the Bruce Ski Club membership application for your child or family.

Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing for Children

Cross-country skiing requires balance, coordination, fitness and enthusiasm.

The goal of the Jackrabbit program is to help children have a safe and fun outdoor experience while learning to cross-country ski.

The program information and skills taught by the leaders and assistants are supported by the Jackrabbit Program of Cross-Country Canada.

All children progress at different rates. As a skier moves up the levels, he or she may require more time to master the skills required for the higher levels, i.e. spending two seasons in level 3 or 4.

Volunteer for Jackrabbits

The Jackrabbit program is run entirely by volunteers. Our program has thrived because of the enthusiasm of our everyone who helps out.

Most of our leaders are parents of Jackrabbit skiers. Also, we are always looking for Bruce Ski Club members to volunteer with the program.

Parents often start as assistants. While some cross-country skiing ability is an asset, a majority of our skiers are between the ages of 5 and 9. So you don’t have to be an Olympic skier to volunteer as a leader.

To help you prepare for the upcoming Jackrabbit season, we offer a coaching course each year.

Parents who are interested in improving their own cross-country skiing abilities should check out the learn-to-ski events offered by the Bruce Ski Club.

Bruce Ski Club - Jackrabbit Cross-Country Ski Program for Children - Group Photo

Children who took part in the Jackrabbit cross-country ski program celebrate another successful season of skiing at Sawmill Nordic Centre in Hepworth, Ontario.