Sat 24 Feb 11:16am

Nordic Centre trails have been groomed. two loops are closed – Freefall and Sheldons, There is also some water on Christmas Tree Run and a bare patch on the hill by the entrance to Sheldons. Ski with caution and enjoy.

Fri 23 Feb 1:53pm

We tried to groom this morning but then it rained. We still have a good base BUT the forecast over next few days will not likely improve the trail. We will do our best to keep our base as long as possible. At Present, Freefall, and Sheldons have exposed downhills....

Thu 22 Feb 4:50pm

The hard packed crust was tilled this afternoon. All trails are skiable but no track was set. Freefall, Sheldons and Little Dipper all have bare spots and cannot be skied till we get new snow. The Parking lot is very icy so be careful. Enjoy, Fred

Wed 21 Feb 6:45am

Well? We had over 25 mm of rain overnight. The Sawmill base is water logged. We would suggest skiers stay off the trail for the next couple of day in order to avoid scarring the surface. We need colder temperatures and some fresh snow to resume safe skiing. Please...