The Health Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing

The Health Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing

Even if you’ve only been cross-country skiing a few times, you know how good you feel once you’re done. But a couple of recent studies show that cross-country skiing also provides a number of health benefits. In a study published September 2019 in the journal...

Sun 21 Mar 5:37pm

We have suspended grooming for the season. Trail conditions are hard packed, icy in sections and the warm temperatures are melting thin sections of the trail quickly. Your Groomers, Harry Hong, Ron Downie, Andrew Howlett and Fred Scheel

Sun 21 Mar 9:47am

All red and green trails were groomed this morning.Black trails are closed , happy spring skiing. See you next season ! Cheers, Harry

Sat 20 Mar 11:46am

All red and green trails were groomed this morning. Black trails are Closed. This afternoon will be great skiing in T-shirts and Shorts. Enjoy, your groomers.

Fri 19 Mar 12:04pm

The black trails are closed. All other trails had the skate lane groomed this morning

Thu 18 Mar 9:13am

Skiable parts of trail in good shape, conditions will be soft. Our Black Loops are closed with exposures on downhills. Enjoy , Fred

Wed 17 Mar 9:52am

Groomed the skate lane. Set some track; left some track. Three days of winter remaining. Make them good days. a.h.

Tue 16 Mar 12:50pm

Skate lane groomed. Classic track are old but useable. Sheldons, Hairpin and the Shute are closed. Ron

Tue 16 Mar 12:20pm

Skate lane groomed. Classic track is old but usable. Sheldons, Hairpin, The Shute are closed. Ron

Mon 15 Mar 11:39am

Groomed skate lane. Weejend tracks still skiable. Freefall and Sheldon’s closed. a.h.

Sun 14 Mar 10:18pm

I stopped this afternoon in the parking lot, there is NO snow in any direction, consider the trails as closed. Your trail captain Richard