by Martin Kerr

The trail clearing for the Colpoys trail will be on Sunday November 12th . We will meet at the Colpoys trail parking lot at 9 a.m. and be done by noon. The main focus of the morning will be to try and widen some of the double track (Bert’s Blvd.). We have gradually been losing a few inches a year on this section an it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide two sets of tracks on that section of trail.

We all are hoping for an early start to the season but typically skiing begins at Colpoys around Christmas time. The trail has many rocky sections and requires a foot of snow at least before we can start taking the snowmobile out to pack. Once a base is established it becomes easier to groom without damaging equipment (yours or ours) and a good base helps to get us through mild spells that almost always occur throughout the season . I would also encourage skiers to check the website for trail condition updates as we do our best to keep the trail reports current and accurate.

This will be my last year as trail captain and we are in need of a replacement. If you think that you would like to learn more about this volunteer club position please drop me a line at: with any questions you might have.

See you on the trail.