The cross-country ski and snowshoe trails at all Bruce Ski Club locations are open to the public with the purchase of a day pass.

Like our regular membership, day pass fees help Bruce Ski Club keep its cross-country ski and snowshoe trails in top shape. Day pass rates are:

  • Adults: $10 per person. ($5 if you are only snowshoeing)
  • High school students: $5
  • Children (12 years or under): $2 per child
  • Snowshoeing (all ages): $5

Day passes can be used only on the day of purchase. When purchasing a day pass, please sign the waiver.

Non-members can purchase a day pass at the trailheads using cash or eTransfer ( You can also purchase a day pass at Suntrail Source for Adventure in Hepworth, Ontario (a $2 processing fee is added to cost of each pass purchased at Suntrail).

If you ski more than eight or nine times during the season, you might want to consider becoming a member of the Bruce Ski Club. Annual membership could save you money and may even motivate you to ski more often. Individual and family memberships are available.