The Bruce Ski Club Annual Ski Swap will be held November 13, 2021 at Suntrail Source for Adventure in Hepworth.

This ski swap is for the benefit of the members of the Bruce Ski Club and the cross-country skiing community. All proceeds of this swap are used to help maintain and improve Bruce Ski Club trails and programs.

Suntrail Source for Adventure in Hepworth provides facilities for the swap, helps organizes the event, and works with Bruce Ski Club to help outfit everyone. This way, we can all get out and enjoy our wonderful Ontario winter!

Key dates and times

  • Between October 25th and November 11th: Drop off equipment for sale at Suntrail
  • November 13, 8 am: Tickets for ski swap are available in box outside Suntrail
  • November 13, 9 am to 12 pm: Ski swap
  • November 13, 12 pm to 4 pm: Pick up equipment that didn’t sell and payment for items that sold
  • November 20: Last day to pick up payment for sold items at Suntrail; after that, contact Bruce Ski Club

Persons Selling Ski Equipment

  • This sale is for cross-country ski and snowshoe equipment and clothing. Suntrail will help you set the selling price of your equipment. Equipment not deemed worthy of sale may be refused. Three-pin equipment for adults does not sell well, so we will not be placing them in the swap; but we will accept children’s three-pin bindings.
  • There is a $2.00 donation charge per ski set that you bring to the Ski Swap, which is non-refundable. (A complete set = poles, boots, and skis.) This is payable when you drop off the equipment. Otherwise this will be charged when payout is done. You will receive a receipt for the material you drop off. Items may not be accepted after 9 am on the day of the swap. Expensive items will not be auctioned off, but will sell to the first buyer at the listed price.
  • Equipment which does not sell must be picked up at Suntrail on November 13th between 12 pm and 4 pm. Anything not picked up by this time will become property of the Bruce Ski Club and may be discarded. No exceptions. You will be notified at 1 pm on the 13th about equipment which does not sell at the swap or for payment pick up.
  • If your equipment sells, you will be given the cash value of your selling price less a 10% commission and the $2 fee (which is given to the Bruce Ski Club). Funds not picked up at the swap will be left at Suntrail until November 20, 2021 and then cheques will be returned to the Bruce Ski Club. Funds not picked up after one month will be donated to the club.

Persons Buying Ski Equipment at the Swap

  • When you arrive at Suntrail for the swap, each adult will take one number. Numbers will be sitting outside the store in a box. We will place the numbers out at 8 am. (Numbers will not be given out before 8 am) **Please be Kind and Fair** This number determines your position in line.
  • The Ski Swap will begin at 9 am. At that time, numbers will be called to purchase items. Purchasers will be limited to two packages per number. (A package is one pair of boots, skies, and poles.) When your number is called, you will hand in your ticket, pick up your items, and proceed to the purchase counter.
  • Prices are marked. All sales are final. Cash or personal cheque only. No IOU’S or credit cards. You will receive a receipt for your purchase.