by Jason MacDonald

In the last two years our Jackrabbits program has reached a level of unparalleled growth. Given this growth, last year we had to limit our enrollment to 100 kids. This was reached in a mere month-and-a-half and we could have had many more kids in the program if we hadn’t chosen to limit it.

With all of this growth, though, we haven’t seen a corresponding increase in the number of parent volunteers willing to coach. Coaching entails 2 hours on Saturday mornings for a 8-9 week session. We take coaches at all levels of expertise and even offer a community coaching course that is fully paid for by the club. Please consider joining our ranks!

I really feel that we are lucky to have such an excellent program in one of the best ski facilities in the province. If you are interested, please contact me at

Given these circumstances, Jackrabbits enrollment for the 2019 season will be limited to 75 children, with a waiting list being kept beyond that. If it is determined we have sufficient coaching, we will accept a higher number of registrants.

Looking forward to an exciting season!