by Jason MacDonald.

Jackrabbit season is off and skiing!

We have had a tremendous turnout this year with over 80 skiers taking part, and a long wait list beyond that! It truly is amazing to see so much interest in our sport. Having so many skiers is great, but also means that we need to ensure that we have enough volunteers to keep the quality of our programs high.  We have been fortunate enough to have many new people step up to be coaches this year, making it our best year for coaching numbers in many years.

Remaining events for this year include the Suntrail Special on February 17th, Carnival on February 23rd and the Awards Ceremony on March 2nd. Families are encouraged to try the “Family Cookie 400m ski challenge” or a longer distance at the Suntrail Special.Jackrabbit skiers are free!

Be sure to encourage those young skiers on the trails – they are our future!