by Mark Avery and Jason MacDonald

We are now at the half-way point of our Jackrabbit lessons! We have had a tremendous turnout this year with 100 skiers taking part! It truly is great to see so much interest in ‘our’ sport. Having so many skiers is great but also means that we need to ensure that we have enough volunteers to keep the quality of our programs high.

Please consider volunteering your time either this year or next in any capacity. We are still looking for volunteers for the obstacle course, warm-ups, the Carnival and the Pot Luck. Assistant coaches are always welcome and no training is required. If you have interest in taking your coaching credentials, please contact us, or ask a coach, for more information.

Remaining events for this year include the Suntrail Special on February 11th, Carnival on February 24th and the Pot Luck/Banquet on March 3rd at the Shallow Lake Community Church.  Families are encouraged to try the “Family Cookie 400m ski challenge” or a longer distance at the Suntrail Special. Jackrabbit skiers are free!

Be sure to encourage those young skiers on the trails – they are our future!