Ski Race Coordinator 2016 Summary by Ruth Scheel

This season the four different nordic events that we hosted relied on a large group of volunteers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them and inform the members at large as to the huge number of people who contributed to the success of this Bruce Ski Club Race Season.

Bruce Ski Club, Bruce County, Ontario, cross-country ski race finish line - Sawmill Nordic CentreConvenors: set dates, outline the venue and organize the volunteers. Aimee Vereecke, Ruth Scheel

Race Secretary – sets up the online registrations, creates start lists, results, and runs of office during races. Andrew Howlett, Fred Schlenker, Erin Scheel, Jean Campbell, Reed Bell

Bib Control – distributes bibs and information prior to race and collects and accounts for bibs after the event. Barb Gray, Kathleen Cassidy, Suzanne Farla, Colleen Purdon, Ruth Ann English, Rhiannon Lewis, Rebekah Lawrence

Chief of Course – sets the course markers and supervises the Course Marshals. Fred Scheel, Harry Hong

Course Marshals – monitor racers on course, reset barriers as needed and report any racer irregularities. Lynda Matthies, Colleen Purdon, Norm Bell, Ross Thompson, Gwen Bell, Claudia Solinger, Tim Smith, Ken Beauclerc, John Cameron, Brian Wall, Harry Hong, Doug Crane, Mike Campbell, Neil Sim

Start Crew – consists of a starter, assistant starter, time controllers, and marshals who get racers to the start line. Dan Purdon, Marilyn Suke, Betty Tuinema, Kelly Rogers, Jackie Mersich, Mike Rutherford, Suzanne Rutherford, Colleen Purdon, Ann West, Heidi Tones

Chief Timer – supervises the finish line crew and communicates with the race of office. Ken Clarke

Finish Line Crew – record finish times and bib numbers as racers cross the finish line – electronically and manually. Bill Haley, Norm Bell, Lloyd Lewis, Mike Edney, Ross Thompson, Paul Matthies, Marj Thompson, Tim Smith, Brian Wall, Mike Rutherford, Kari Shuf ebotham, Sean Currie, Sonya Mount, Bill Courage, Ken Beauclerc, Bill Moriarty, Kristine Lawrence, Jackie Mersich, Sandy Stevenson

Lap Monitors – during races that run over several laps of a course or are longer in duration they record bib numbers and offer beverages, and in some cases, food to the racers. Lloyd Lewis, Bill Moriarty, Colleen Purdon, Marilyn Suke, Gwen Bell, Sandra Hong

Public Address – Announces start times and relays information during race duration. Sandy Stevenson

Each ski race requires between 28 and 32 volunteers. This does not include the food booth volunteers who run a food service during races.

I would also like to thank Mayda Reid for decorating the Cookie Awards for the Suntrail Special. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes club volunteers to run a ski race.

Bruce Ski Club, Bruce County, Ontario, cross-country ski race volunteer - Sawmill Nordic Centre