by Ken Clarke

Most years I would be saving my thank you’s to the volunteers for the newsletters following the races…. Thank you to all the new and returning members who chose Race Volunteer at registration. And thank-you to everyone who worked hard to help plan for running safe races this year. It will be time well spent making future races better. Alas we will not be celebrating our love of the sport with any large gatherings like our traditional races this season.

But if you want to spend a couple of hours to help the club while thinking about racing here is a link to the free online Nordiq Canada level 1 Officials training:

And if you would like to race as well there will be the Thursday Night Time Trial series at Sawmill (details on the website & in this newsletter). Which will provide a variety of classic and free technique challenges throughout the season.

As well there are plans for a self timed Colpoys Loppet (details to follow). Finally we are continuing to discuss plans for a self timed Suntrail Special complete with virtual cake. If you have ideas for what kind of ski challenge this should be please feel free to share your thoughts.

Play Safe and Think Snow, Ken!