Thursday Evening Time Trials

cross-country skiers on forest trail

Want a fun challenge and camaraderie in the deep dark of winter?

Thursday Night Time Trials are your chance!  Each week has a set course and technique. Courses vary in distance and difficulty, and between classic and skate techniques.

Each course is scheduled to occur twice for each technique over the course of the winter. See the schedule and courses below.

Challenge your friends. If skiing at the same time as others, be sure to maintain social distance, and leave an interval between starts.

To avoid high-traffic trail times, competition is only permitted before 10 am and after 5 pm each Thursday.

All courses start from the “official” start-finish line, east side of stadium (at the bench). There is a clock there for your convenience.

You are responsible for timing yourself from start to finish, and completing the form online here to submit your results.

There will be no race officials, no timing people or other volunteers, course markings, or hut access. This is a self-catered honor system event.

“Official” times are based on doing the “official” course and technique for that date. If you do the other technique, or another ‘official’ course, just fill out the form with what you did so the results are accurate.

Results are posted here. Strava segments have also been created for each course.

Only part of our trail system has lighting. If you are skiing beyond the lit loop at night, we recommend wearing a headlamp.


Thursday Evening Time Trials Schedule