What an amazing ski season we have had so far this year. We have grown from 900 members to over 1300.

The purpose of this message is to welcome all our new members to the club.

It’s been really great to see all the new skiers out on the trails having a great time. Everyone has smiles on their faces and enjoying the great outdoors.

For those who don’t know, I thought I would pass along a few friendly tips to enhance your enjoyment of the of our trails:

  • Almost all of the trails are one-way, for a good reason. Many of our experienced skiers reach speeds of over 50 km/hour going downhill. The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt colliding with a skier traveling the wrong direction on the trail.
  • Please ski in single file along the trails, if you ski three abreast, you are blocking the trails for skiers traveling faster than you are.
  • If you encounter a skier ahead of you on the trail climbing up a hill, be patient and let the skier herringbone up the hill at their pace. Not everyone is a skilled as you are. Don’t ask them to get out of the way. Show some courtesy.
  • Please stay on the trails and don’t wander off them. A lot of our trails are on private land. We enjoy them through the generosity of the landowners. Please don’t jeopardize this relationship by trespassing onto their property beyond the trail.
  • Many skiers are checking out our lit loop. Here’s a tip, you can turn on the lights by pressing the button on the wall of the warm-up hut. This will turn the lights on for two hours. Even if the lights are on when you arrive at the trail, hit the button before heading out, so the lights don’t turn off part way through your ski.
  • Please under no circumstances walk on either the ski or snowshoe trails. Our groomers spend four hours a day trying to create smooth well-groomed trails for your enjoyment. Nothing upsets them more than seeing shoe divots in the trail. Also, the same applies to the snowshoe trails, big divots on the trails make it difficult and sometimes unsafe for snowshoers.
  • And last of all, we pride ourselves as being a friendly club and have our own little ski community. When you pass other skiers on the trail say hello with a smile. It’s incredible how good it will make you feel.

Bruce Ski Club has been around for over 42 years. It takes (in normal years) over 100 volunteers to operate the club. All the buildings, construction of trails, grooming of trails, programs, etc. are 100 percent run by volunteers. Please keep this in mind. We are trying to do our best to keep the trails open and provide you with a great skiing experience.

Be Safe,

Mike Campbell
President, Bruce Ski Club