by Marilyn Suke

On November 27 I would be far happier waxing skis than trying to decide if I should cut the lawn. Sigh.

GBN has now started training at our Hepworth home. Great to all be together again. As well, we are (running) Jack’s time trials on Thursdays and they are going well! Please join us – a great way to measure your speed against others and to keep track of improvements as the season goes on!

Sadly, for now, our Southern Ontario race series is on hold as some PH regions had reservations about getting teams together to race. Hoping these can go ahead before the end of the season (snow in April!?)

You can use this pause to take advantage of educational opportunities being offered by our Provincial and National skiing bodies (see article page 6).

Join a website such as XC Ski Nation ( for excellent tips and drills on becoming a better skier – and some excellent video of beautiful ski trails and Canadian skiers.

In the meantime, have safe fun outdoors. This is the year for technique and distance training.