by Mike Campbell

Have you ever wondered how fast you ski the trail system, or how today’s ski compares to yesterday, or even how fast you skied the Grunt compared to other skiers in the club.

You can find out all of these details through a smartphone app called Strava. It works with both iPhones and Android phones and it’s free. You can also use activity trackers with GPS like Fitbit or Garmin.

All you have to do is download the Strava app from the app store. All of the trail loops at Sawmill have been mapped into segments, so you can see who skied the Hairpin Loop the fastest. You can do the same at Colpoy’s. It’s fun for old guys like me because I can compare my time with others the same age.

To see all of the details of your ski you will also need to also sign up for Strava on your desktop computer, tablet or phone.

We have set up a Bruce Ski Club Team on the Strava site. Sign up with the team and see who is putting on the most mileage or climbed the most metres in a week.

Check it out its a lot of fun.