Sun 6 Jan 12:50pm

Conditions are similar to yesterday. Snow in most places, no new track and skating lanes mostly OK. Snow is thin and I would recommend staying away from the big Hills. We did not groom YoYo, Sheldons, Hairpin or Grunt. Enjoy, we need snow. later, Fred

Sat 5 Jan 10:58am

No new snow,spring like conditions.Made two passes on the skate lanes,no track set,need more snow.Keep off the big hillsbrown outs. Cheers, Harry

Fri 4 Jan 7:07pm

Looking forward to a great first Jackrabbits session Saturday. Checked out the trails today and they are in great shape and we are all ready to go! See you at 9:55 tomorrow morning. Groups depart at 10:00 a.m. sharp!! Jason M.

Fri 4 Jan 4:27pm

Our trail is in good shape considering the amount of snow we have. We have been alternating between freeze and thaw conditions with very little snow in between. Skiing early in the morning probably presents more icy conditions than later in the afternoon. Be very...