The Health Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing

The Health Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing

Even if you’ve only been cross-country skiing a few times, you know how good you feel once you’re done. But a couple of recent studies show that cross-country skiing also provides a number of health benefits. In a study published September 2019 in the journal...

Sat 6 Mar 9:55am

Fresh snow and corduroy is back in style. After a tough week classic skiers will enjoy a fresh track and the skate lane is awesome. Your groomers

Fri 5 Mar 7:35pm

We 4 skied today all trails but D-E, D-C-west. The tracks groomed Tuesday are still OK in-particular in the woods. The closed area around ‘G’ is STILL CLOSED- stay save. Richard

Fri 5 Mar 9:44am

Skating lanes in great shape, classic trail is thin , we need some fresh snow. It will be fast this morning and slow down as the snow warms up. Enjoy, Fred

Thu 4 Mar 9:03am

Had a wee bit of fresh snow overnight. Trail is icy early in the day but softens as the day warms up. Skating lanes are good but track is thin. Enjoy, Fred

Wed 3 Mar 12:12pm

Groomed the skate lane. Yesterday’s classic track is shallow and skiable. a.h.

Tue 2 Mar 5:21pm

All trails have been groomed and track set today. Skiing on the trails in the woods is good, less so in the open area due to the high winds we had. The closed area around ‘G’ is STILL CLOSED – stay save. Richard

Tue 2 Mar 10:21am

We double tilled the trail to break up the crust. Trail is skate and track set. Conditions will be fast so take it easy and enjoy. Later, Fred

Mon 1 Mar 8:10am

Conditions are extremely ICY. I could not set track, skate lane was touched up. Be on the lookout for falling branches on the trail. Caution should be used or wait for fresh snow. Your groomers

Sun 28 Feb 8:49am

All trails groomed-some tracks reset. Speed bumps marked with green food colouring and flattened to my best ability. Enjoy your ski! Good luck to all those doing the Loppet. Cheers, Harry