The Health Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing

The Health Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing

Even if you’ve only been cross-country skiing a few times, you know how good you feel once you’re done. But a couple of recent studies show that cross-country skiing also provides a number of health benefits. In a study published September 2019 in the journal...

Tue 29 Mar 3:07pm

We are closed for the season. Grooming will resume in the fall. Thanks from your groomers.

Mon 28 Mar 11:43am

Surprise today the skate lane was packed on the flats. Enjoy one last ski. The grooming equipment has now been parked for the season. See you in the fall. Ron

Sun 20 Mar 8:21pm

There is not enough snow left to groom, the open fields are nearly all bare. The trails are closed. We hope you had a good season, see you for the next one your trail captain and groomer Richard and Neil

Fri 18 Mar 1:44pm

Grooming has stopped for now. Grunt and Sheldons are closed. Conditions are icy with brown outs. Advanced skiers only. Ron

Fri 18 Mar 10:34am

conditions in the open area bare spots and ice sections no grooming is planned

Fri 18 Mar 10:14am

We have stopped grooming. Trails are icy with brown outs in places. Grunt and Sheldons are closed. Advanced skiers only. Ski as is. Ron

Fri 18 Mar 7:43am

Experienced skiers only. 2way is ice. Back trails ok with frequent icy patches some dirt. Grunt, yoyo Sheldon’s very icy. FREEFALL IS CLOSED

Thu 17 Mar 7:10am

No grooming today. 7C at 5am. Skied everything. 2way mostly water. Back trails hard base with icy spots will get mushy later. Free fall and Sheldon’s very icy EXPERTS ONLY

Wed 16 Mar 8:37am

Trail groomed. Trail has thin snow coverage in some areas and with warming temperatures could deteriorate quickly, be careful on steep downhills this afternoon. Parking lot is wet and icy. Enjoy skiing in T-shirt and shorts. Your groomers