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Community Foundation Grey Bruce
Katelin Sims & Andrew Jeffery
Suntrail Source for Adventure
Midwestern Communications
The Power Workers Union
Vandorp/Hodgkinson Family
Ani and Don Eby


The Manwells, Jack & Tara
Julie and Tom Rice
Laura Robinson & John Cameron Williams Family
Beth and Stephanie Lowe
Shirley Holmes
Jacquie & Dan Mersich
Shallow Lake Physiotherapy Connie & Andy Poste
Marg Sanborn
Judith & Thomas Nagel
Deb & Ron Downie
Bibianne & Larry Bird
Runner’s Den
The Howlett Family
Jean & Mike Campbell
The Purdon Family
Gord Edwards
Danielle Benedict
Pet Valu (Norm Bell)
The Chin Yut/Reece Family Groh/Chun family
Chatsworth Honey
Leona Cunningham
Glenn Kujbida
The Smith/Tones Family
Kemble Mountain Maple Products John Tamming
Sandy Stevenson
Marcy & Bruce McGill
Franziska and Mike
Suzanne & Michael Rutherford Ann West & Bill Moriarty Zandvliets
Susan Martin & Adrian Hussey Tobin Day
Aiden Schenkels and Erin Snelgrove Irene and Andrew Loucks
Kristal McGee
The Chesser Family Nelson Family
Nina Andic


Joy Ward
The Matthies
Brian Ferguson
Cindy & Richard Davies Straby Family
Frances Turner
Logan Emslie and Elaine Watts
Shaylynn Luyt
Michelle Lafleur and Jean-Pierre Bisnaire Mackay Family
Mary Robertson
Ian Miller
Donna Paterson
The Spencers
Allison Hooper
Michael Stewart
Susan Richardson
Leslie Ransom
Carol Masse
Dawn Tremblay
Lambkin Family
Gena & John Van Dorp
Leo Verschuren
Wardell Family
Barbara Reuber
Marsha McLean and Dan Purdon
Kristine Hammel
Miller Family
Michael Jeavons
Ken Clarke
Lloyd Lewis
Jones Family
Grant Dunlop
Carrie Currie
Shawn Grimstead
Rick Danard
Barbara Smith
Ron Hepburn
Lisa Moffat
The Bakker Family
Hatch Family
David Cox
Kelly, Reese & Bree Wilkins
Donna Farrow
Linda Mason
Poppy McFarlane
Mark & Barb Avery
Abbott Wouters Family
Don Judges
Anna Roginska
Andrew Phillips
Doris Eggers
Claudia Wunder
Williams Judy Rich
David Ranck
Trevor Stokes
Emil van Dijk
Jennifer Harris
Joanne Kolomeitz
Kristen Pellow

Our Landowners

Grey Sauble Conservation Authority
Ron Gatis
Kiwanis Whispering Pines Campground
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
The Spencer Family
Laura McNamara & Bevan Ratcliffe