Bruce Ski Club is currently seeking volunteers to serve as Groomer Captain and Site Captain

The Groomer Captain position involves the following:

  • Make up monthly grooming schedule
  • Maintain equipment as needed or arrange for outside servicing when required
  • Purchase supplies to maintain equipment
  • Train groomers as needed
  • Order diesel when required
  • Purchase fuel for Quad and snowmobile as needed
  • Collect day pass cash each day
  • Make sure trail reports are submitted each day by groomers
  • Submit monthly grooming hours to treasurer
  • Caretake to Piston Bully shed
  • Attend one meeting per month during season

The Site Captain position involves the following:

  • Arrange seasonal snow removal
  • Arrange seasonal toilet rental
  • Arrange seasonal opening and closing of shelter
  • Ensure heating system is functional
  • Liase with persons in charge of Gerry’s to make sure its looked after
  • Liase with persons looking after Lit Loop and Signage
  • Organize trail prep work party to start season
  • Liase with Groomers to make sure that broken trees are removed as needed
  • Liase with landowners whenever trail improvements are required and hire appropriate contractors to do this work.
  • Open and close all property gates when needed
  • Arrange for heater rental for race events
  • Attend one meeting per month during season

For more information email Mike Campbell,