Patrons, Sponsors and Community Partners

Patrons, Sponsors and Community Partners

The Bruce Ski Club gratefully acknowledges the support of its patrons, sponsors and community partners.

Their financial and other support helps the club provide its members and the public with well-maintained cross-country ski and snowshoe trails. And because of their support, we are also able to keep the trails accessible and affordable.

In addition to supporting the club as a patron, Suntrail Source for Adventure sponsors many of our events, including the Cross-Country Ski Swap, the Awesome Adult Afternoon Ski Lesson and the Suntrail Special.

Georgian Bay Nordic also works closely with the Bruce Ski Club on many cross-country ski races and other events.

A special thanks to our landowners. Bruce Ski Club does not own any of the land on which we maintain cross-country ski or snowshoe trails. We owe a great deal to the landowners who generously allow us to ski and snowshoe on their property.

Members interested in supporting the Bruce Ski Club’s mission or the Jackrabbit cross-country ski program for children can submit a donation at the same time as their membership application. Donations can also be mailed to the Bruce Ski Club any time during the year.



  • Barbara Gray & Brendan Mulroy
  • The Manwell Family
  • Beth Lowe
  • Jean & Mike Campbell
  • Paul Dick
  • Connie & Andy Poste
  • Ani & Don Eby
  • Nelvia Van Dorp & Chris Hodgkinson
  • Ruth & Fred Scheel
  • Ana & Dave Dennier
  • Glenn Kujbida
  • Howlett Family
  • John Cameron & Laura Robinson
  • Shirley Holmes
  • Judi & Dave Bell
  • Zandvliet/Little Family
  • Paul Matthies
  • Moriarty Bicycle Works
  • Vreugdenhill/Beauclerc Family
  • Reece/Chin Yut Family
  • Angie McCurdy & Bodo Weddig
  • Kemble Mountain Maple Products
  • Ana & Dave Dennier
  • Van Dorp Family
  • Marg Sanborn
  • Sandy Stevenson
  • BikeFace
  • Norma Piggott
  • Gord Edwards
  • McCutcheon Family
  • The Williams Family
  • Chatsworth Honey
  • Grey Bruce Sod Supply Ltd
  • Julie & Tom Rice
  • Scott Vining & Esra Samli


  • Leona Cunningham
  • Bibianne & Larry Bird
  • Deane Atherton & Dawn Hollyer
  • Beck Family
  • The Critall Family
  • The Runner’s Den
  • Jennifer Healey & Ben Warnica
  • Lynne & John West
  • Ola & Hector Lazzarotto
  • Lorentz Family
  • Carolyn Renusz & Brian Putman
  • Phil Johnston
  • Jenn Wonch & Leo Verschuren
  • Dawn Williams
  • Marsha McLean & Dan Purdon
  • Deanna Oliver
  • Andrew Loucks
  • The Wardell Family
  • The Nelson Family
  • The Bracken-Campigotto Family
  • Matt Pickett
  • Ken Clarke
  • Carol Masse
  • Marcia & Bruce McGill
  • Carrie Currie
  • The Andic/Thomas Family
  • Corinna Hellyer
  • The Mason Family
  • Joy Ward
  • Kelly & Rick Danard
  • The Rutter Family
  • The Mackay Family
  • Rebecca Hilts & Emil van Dijk
  • Grant Dunlop
  • David Lawson
  • Anton van Dijk
  • Trevor Stokes
  • Brookshaw Family
  • The Abbott Family
  • Ian Millar
  • Joe Slade & Nanci Cameron