Patrons, Sponsors and Community Partners

Patrons, Sponsors and Community Partners



Jackie and Dan Mersich
Ann and Erich Fahrun
Ani and Don Eby
Van Dorp Family
Beth & Stephanie Lowe
Zandvliet Family
Suzanne and Michael Rutherford
Chatsworth Honey
John Cameron & Laura Robinson
Connie & Andy Poste
Marg Sanborn
Norma and Michael Piggott
Julie and Tom Rice
Esra and Scott Vining
Gray/Mulroy Family
Reg and Lynne MacDonald
Ana and Dave Dennier
Jean and Mike Campbell
Larry & Bibianne Bird
Groh Family
Gord Edwards
McCutcheon Family
Kemble Mountain Maple Products
Reece/Chin Yut Family
Van Dorp/Hodgkinson Family
Gleason Brook Pottery
Ashley Burgess
Norm Bell
Paul Dick
Jennifer Healey and Ben Warnica
Glenn Kujbida
Caudle/Gaudreau Family
Ann West & Bill Moriarty
Fred and Ruth Scheel
Judith and David Bell
Rodina and Tim Koker
Lindsey Chapman and Peter Beisel
Irene and Andrew Loucks
Angie McCurdy and Bodo Weddig
Colleen Purdon and Joachim Ostertag
Shirley Holmes


Franziska & Michael Edney
Schlenker Family
Jessica and Judy Brookshaw
Grigg Family
Runner’s Den
Ola and Hector Lazzarotto
Leona Cunningham
Bruce and Marcy McGill
Ian Miller
Kelly and Rick Danard
Jenn Wonch & Leo Verschuren
Allison Hooper
Michael Stewart
Lambkin Family
Wardell Family
MacKay Family
Sandra Stevenson
Ken Clarke
Joy Ward
Hatch Family
Davies Straby Family
The Currie Family
Trevor and Emese Stokes
Carol Masse
Anton & Riejanne Van Dijk
Susan Richardson
Marshall Family
Grant Dunlop
Sue McCullough
Emily Chesser
RonaLynn and Brian Ferguson
Bob Fletcher
Donna Farrow
Sue McCullough
Emil van Dijk
Abbott Family
Marsha Mclean and Dan Purdon
Joe Slade and Nanci Cameron

Our Landowners

Grey Sauble Conservation Authority
Ron Gatis
Kiwanis Whispering Pines Campground
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
The Spencer Family
Laura McNamara & Bevan Ratcliffe